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As a student

Everything you need to know to get accommodation in Borås during your study period. For example, you don't need queue points to book a student apartment.
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I korthet: As a student

  • If you're studying at Högskolan in Borås, you can rent a student apartment. 
  • Register if you want to book a student apartment. 
  • On weekdays at 8:00 AM Swedish time, we post available student apartments on our website. 
  • Book your student apartment as soon as you find one that seems interesting. You can only book one student apartment.
  • Admission notice or your study certificate is required for us to approve your booking.
  • Visa and residence permit are required for students from countries outside the EU. We require a 3 month deposit when signing if you do not already have a residence permit.
  • Upload your documents directly when booking or send them to info@bostaderiboras.se within two working days. 
  • Your contract must be signed within one (1) hour of pressing "Book".
  • Once you've signed your contract, we'll conduct a credit check. Then we'll approve your booking and digital signature.
  • We activate your contract when everything is approved. We'll also send a confirmation email and an information email.

Who can rent a student apartment?

If you are studying at Högskolan in Borås, you can book an apartment with us.

Study requirements and checks

  • The requirement to rent a student apartment is a passing grade at the University of at least 15 higher education credits per semester. The corresponding requirement for doctoral students is an activity level of at least 50 percent per semester.
  • Study checks are conducted once per semester to verify that you are still a student and meet the study requirement.
  • There are certain circumstances that may grant you dispensation if you apply for it with us.
"Friendly tip: In Sweden we write dates as YY-MM-DD, for instance 24-05-06 for May 6th 2024."


To apply for student apartments you need to register with us. This is a simple how-to guide, keep it open while you register in another window. Click here to open the registration page

  1. Choose ”Ja/Yes“ if you want to register together with someone else, ”Nej/No” if you register only yourself (most common).
  2. If you don ́t have a Swedish social security number, press Nej/No and enter you date of birth as YYMMDD.
  3. Fill out the rest of the form and press "Nästa" ("Next" in Swedish).
  4. On the next page, tick the box that says "Jag vill samla köpoäng för lägenheter" ("I want to register in the student housing queue" in Swedish).
  5. If you need a parking lot, tick the box that says "Jag vill ha min köplats för fordonsplats aktiverad" ("I want to register in the parking lot queue" in Swedish)
  6. Press "Nästa" ("Next" in Swedish).
  7. In the first dropdown, select type of income and choose ”Studiebidrag“ ("Study grant" in Swedish).
  8. In the next dropdown, select you yearly income in SEK.
  9. In "Företag/skola", specify your school.
  10. In "Nuvarande boendeform" choose "Annat". 
  11. In "Antal personer som ska bo i lägenheten" choose how many people who will live in the apartment. 
  12. Press "Nästa" ("Next" in Swedish).
  13. Now we are almost done. Just choose your password and rememenber that it has to consist of at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter and be between sex and ten characters. You can use both numbers (0-9) and uppercase and lowercase characters. 
  14. Press "Nästa" ("Next" in Swedish) to verify your information.
  15. Read through that everything is correct. If you need to change anything, press "Tillbaka" ("Back" in Swedish).
  16. Press "Slutför" ("Finish" in Swedish) when you are happy with your information. 
  17. And now your are done! 

Finding a student apartment

We offer student housing in Alideberg, Centrum, Hässleholmen, Norrby and Simonsland. Available student apartments are posted on our website on weekdays starting at 8:00 AM. Here you can see which student apartments are currently available.

Booking a student apartment 

Book your student apartment as soon as you find one that seems interesting. You can only book one (1) apartment. Don't wait to book, once a student apartment is booked, it disappears from the website. You must complete the booking within one (1) hour of pressing "Book". The final step in the booking process is to sign your contract.

Signing the contract 

You sign your contract digitally with a code provided by us. Before signing your contract, we ask you to upload:

  • Your admission notice or study certificate.
  • Your visa and residence permit. This only applies to you if you are a student from a country outside the EU.
  • Please note that if you do not have an approved residence permit we require a 3-month deposit in advance before approving you contract. 

If you cannot upload your documents directly during booking, you must send the documents to us via email within two working days. Send your documents to: info@bostaderiboras.se

"Important! If you do not sign the contract within an hour, your booking will disappear."

Contract activation

Once you have signed your contract, we conduct a credit check. Then we will approve your booking and digital signature. If everything looks good, we activate your contract. You will now receive two emails from us, the first is a confirmation that your contract has been activated. The second contains important information about your apartment.

Do I need queue points to apply for a student apartment?
No, the first person to book a student apartment and be approved by us gets the apartment.

Is it possible to move in earlier?
Yes, but only if the student who has been living in the apartment wants to move out earlier. You must then agree on the move-in date and include it in the contract. Contact customer service at: info@bostaderiboras.se and we will assist you.

Where do I submit my study certificates?
Email them to: info@bostaderiboras.se.

Can I rent a student apartment if I am studying at high school or at Komvux?
No, you must study at one of the universities in Borås.

Who can rent a student apartment?
To rent a student apartment, you must be a student at one of the universities in Borås.

Do you apply 10-month rent?
Yes, but only if you live in one of our student rooms or a student apartment on Distansgatan.

Do I need to have home insurance?
Yes, as a tenant with us, you must have your own home insurance. Home insurance provides you with financial protection if anything were to happen to you, your belongings, or the apartment.

Can children live in our student apartments?
Yes, but only in our apartments on Distansgatan.

Is it allowed to have pets in a student apartment?
Yes, we allow pets.

How many people can live in a student apartment?
Maximum one (1) person can live in our furnished student rooms. Maximum two people can live in our unfurnished apartments.

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